Sheepshead Bay

A tight-knit Brooklyn neighborhood with a classic New England feel, Sheepshead Bay is a go-to destination for gorgeous landscapes and a thriving housing market.

The housing options in the district run the gamut from apartment complexes and detached single-family homes to co-ops and condos. The diverse architecture tells the unique story of the neighborhood’s Gold Coast hay-days with a blend of historic beach bungalows, mid-century homes, and modern construction. People are drawn to the area for its peaceful vibe and waterfront views.

From eclectic clothing shops to family-owned markets, there is a bit of something for everyone in Sheepshead Bay. Small shops and restaurants line the town’s main thoroughfares. In the marina, small fishing boats share the dock with fancy cruise boats and sleek yachts. Favorite activities in the area include fishing, swimming, boating, and beachside strolls. Nearby Coney Island is a great day trip, while hotspots like Brighton Beach are just a short drive away.

Both the residents who call Sheepshead Bay home and the many visitors who come to stay the summer enjoy the undeniable charm and amazing views the neighborhood has to offer.

Recent Listings in Sheepshead Bay