Old Mill Basin

Mill Basin seems worlds away from other Brooklyn neighborhoods. One of the region’s most exclusive residential districts, Mill Basin is the place to go for custom construction. A walk along the area’s distinctive circular streets is a study in original architecture, with palace-like structures standing alongside sleek modern houses. Elaborate mansions line the waterfront. Street after street of single-family homes with backyard swimming pools and tidy front lawns feed into quiet marinas and small shopping centers. Rows of mid-century bungalows have been replaced by custom detached single-family homes and sprawling estates. The remaining housing stock in the region includes single-family homes and apartments.

A paradise for boaters, Mill Basin blends laid-back outdoor recreation with plenty of shopping and dining. Residents have easy access to local supermarkets and shops. Kings Plaza, a major shopping center in the area, boasts a large cinema and marina. While the neighborhood lacks big public beaches, favorite hotspots like Coney Island are a short drive away.

With a unique real estate market, Mill Basin is a go-to destination for people seeking waterfront views and a peaceful atmosphere.

Recent Listings in Old Mill Basin