Ocean Hill

A growing commercial scene meets classic Brooklyn architecture in the neighborhood of Ocean Hill.

New residents flock to Ocean Hill every year for its robust housing stock. Primarily residential, the neighborhood offers a real estate market of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and low-rise apartment buildings. There’s beauty around every corner of the quiet suburban side streets, from historic brownstones to stately Colonials. A go-to destination for commuters, Ocean Hill boasts a well-connected public transportation system.

In the past few decades, Ocean Hill has seen significant revitalization. The growing commercial strip along Rockaway Avenue is a big draw for locals. Mom-and-pop shops share space with chain stores and fast-casual restaurants. Other significant thoroughfares like Broadway are a short trip away, giving residents access to colorful shopping strips, lively bars, and large grocery stores.

With a growing market of housing options and places to shop and dine, Ocean Hill is a favorite place to call home in Brooklyn.

Recent Listings in Ocean Hill