Mill Basin

A suburban haven in Jamaica Bay, Mill Basin offers a peaceful atmosphere and family-friendly vibe.

Head to Mill Basin for a large stock of single-family dwellings, from converted bungalows and semi-detached frame houses to opulent, amenity-rich mansions and luxury waterfront properties. The layout is different from neighboring districts, with blocks of wide, tree-lined streets. Swimming pools, private docks, and garages are longtime area staples in the neighborhood, attracting those looking for spacious living in the city. While primarily residential, Mill Basin boasts easy access to shopping strips like the Kings Plaza Shopping Center and shops along Avenue U.

Recreation plays a significant role in this family-friendly community. The region is a paradise for boaters, with fishing docks and boat launches in almost every direction along the shoreline. The local day camp offers children a place to spend long summer days, while Lindower Park features a playground and a public pool. The nearby Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Trail is a local area gem and the go-to destination for hiking.

With prime recreation and stunning water views, Mill Basin brings exclusivity and luxury to Brooklyn’s Bergen Beach district.

Recent Listings in Mill Basin