Fort Greene

Fort Greene offers residents all the benefits of big-city living balanced by a signature laid-back atmosphere.

The neighborhood has some of the best subway access around, but residents and visitors alike don’t need to go very far for a vast array of things to do and places to eat. From outdoor movie screenings to vibrant flea markets, Fort Greene makes the most of its warmer seasons with scores of outdoor community events. Eclectic boutiques and incredible restaurants share the space with art galleries and prime shopping strips. Cultural institutions like the Brooklyn Music School and The Paul Robeson Theater give visitors a glimpse into the districts thriving arts and culture scene, while a string of wine bars and lounges offer a relaxed nightlife for locals.

Housing options abound in this lively district. Blocks of historic brownstones stand alongside co-ops and apartments. The region’s architecture ranges from opulent Italian facades to more modern construction. A stellar public transportation system makes Fort Greene a go-to destination for commuters to plant roots.

A hip Brooklyn neighborhood brimming with charming commercial hubs, Fort Greene is the perfect place to call home in Brooklyn.

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