East New York

East New York is a growing community with a rich history and thriving commercial center.

There’s plenty of places to call home in this classic Brooklyn neighborhood. Housing options range from pre-war apartments buildings and co-ops to sprawling single-family homes. People are drawn to the area for its tight-knit community feel and growing market of unique small businesses. In the past few years, the neighborhood has seen a surge of new construction, a testament to East New York’s growing popularity.

Historically diverse, East New York boasts a growing network of new businesses and community spaces. Cozy cafes and busy restaurants line the street alongside independent shops and laid-back bars. Locals and visitors alike enjoy passing the time at one of the neighborhood’s many rec centers, playgrounds, and parks. Shoppers head to the conveniently located Gateway Estates retail center. A string of community gardens and well-loved parks dot the landscape, while small galleries and farmers markets are fixtures in the district.

Home to diverse residents and growing businesses, East New York has a little bit of something for everyone.

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