East Flatbush

History meets domestic bliss in the lively community of East Flatbush.

There’s plenty to see in this Brooklyn gem. The Wyckoff Family Museum, the oldest building in New York City, offers visitors a glimpse into pre-Revolutionary American life. Originally a farmhouse built in 1652, the home has been beautifully preserved and stands as a testament to the city’s fascinating architectural history. The nearby Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanical Garden round out the list of must-see hotspots for East Flatbush.

East Flatbush residents love the area for its urban feel and family-friendly amenities. The neighborhood boasts a string of cozy cafes, tidy parks, and small shops. Familiar chain stores and fast food joints share the space with family-owned restaurants and Caribbean food stands. Large shopping strips and the Kings Plaza Mall are just a short drive away.

Real estate in the area is for the most part single-family homes and apartment complexes. Many houses boast backyards, a highly coveted amenity in many New York City boroughs. Those looking for decent proximity to Manhattan without the price tag will enjoy the housing options available in this growing Brooklyn neighborhood.

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