Cypress Hills

With a robust housing market and a growing collection of amenities, Cypress Hill has a little bit of something for everyone.

The housing stock includes single and multi-family homes and a few scattered apartment buildings. Most of the population in Cypress Hills are homeowners. Turn-of-the-century rowhouses share the street with detached single-family homes and sprawling mansions. People flock to the area for its modest rent prices and convenient location.

Cypress Hills has plenty of options for family-friendly fun. Residents have a choice of fast-casual diners and family-owned restaurants with authentic cuisine. Highland Park boasts trails, a bird sanctuary, and athletic fields. The neighborhood’s convenient location gives residents easy access to a variety of entertainment options. With Bushwick just a short drive away, locals have trendy hotspots and a vibrant nightlife at their fingertips.

A residential paradise with a growing commercial scene, Cypress Hills is a great place to plant roots in Brooklyn.

Recent Listings in Cypress Hills