Bushwick is an evolving community with a historic grit and tight-knit community feel.

There’s plenty of places to call home in this classic Brooklyn neighborhood. The housing options in Bushwick include mid-rise apartment complexes, single-family homes, and co-ops. Over the past few years, the residents have worked with the city to transform parts of the community, attracting new residents to the area each year. Many young professionals and artists have planted roots in the area, drawn to the more affordable housing options available in Bushwick compared to neighboring Williamsburg.

Bushwick’s thriving commercial scene make it an exciting place to call home. Eclectic art galleries and street art dot the landscape. Small boutiques and bodegas share the street with family-owned restaurants and laid-back bars. Busy avenues like Myrtle Ave have prime shopping, while farmer’s markets are fixtures in the area. Bushwick has a rich immigrant history, giving it some of the most diverse and authentic cuisines in the borough. Those looking for fabulous nightlife will find it here, from bars with live music to cozy pubs.

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