Brownsville is a Brooklyn neighborhood with a growing housing market and unique entertainments.

The biggest draw for locals is the affordable rent, a rarity this close to Manhattan. Housing in the area consists of row houses, apartments, and single-family homes. Nearly 900 new homes are set to be built in Brownsville over the next few years. This project will breathe new life into the neighborhood’s economic development, health, and arts and culture. Two subway lines run through the region, making it easy to get to midtown Manhattan in just under an hour.

Dedicated residents in the region are always looking for new ways to bring the community together. Small shops, diners, and markets line the busy thoroughfares. Community gardens and street fairs are local staples during the warmer months. The Brownsville Culinary Center, a training center and cafe, offers world-class culinary training and a customer-facing cafe for locals. Betsy Head Playground, the central park in the district, is a go-to destination for outdoor recreation. The hotspot boasts amenities like an Olympic sized swimming pool, a running track, sports fields, and lawns.

With a growing network of amenities and convenient transportation, Brownsville is a neighborhood on the rise.

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