Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill is a fashionable neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its robust market of independent boutiques and classic brownstones. People flock to the area for its undeniable charm and vibrant arts scene.

There are plenty of places to plant roots in this neighborhood. Trendy at its core, Boerum Hills boasts refurbished townhouses, tree-lined streets, and beautiful brownstones. The housing stock in Boerum Hill runs the gamut from single-family dwellings and apartments to large co-ops and a scattering of condos. The walkable central hub is popular with joggers and bikers, while shady suburban side streets and tidy parks draw in growing families looking to take in the sights.

Many of the stores in the neighborhood are independent businesses, giving locals access to a unique market of boutiques and specialty shops. Shops and restaurants line main commercial thoroughfares like Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue. Eclectic art galleries and upscale eateries stand alongside cafes and big brand storefronts. In addition to its reputation as a prime shopping center, Boerum Hill is also a haven for artists and creatives, who run the many pop-up galleries and cultural events that crop up throughout the year. For laid-back recreation, check out spots like historic Carroll Park, which features spacious lawns, playgrounds, and athletic courts.

With a thriving arts scene and trendy vibe, Boerum Hill offers the best of big city living.

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