A residential haven with a rich history and authentic cuisine, the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst has a little bit of something for everyone.

A quiet residential neighborhood with plenty to offer, Bensonhurst has a diverse housing stock. Options range from apartments and single-family homes to condos and large housing developments. In recent years, the district has transformed, creating a tight-knit community and increased interest in the area’s real estate. People are drawn to the area for its family-friendly atmosphere and easy access to public transportation.

There’s plenty of entertainments and amenities in Bensonhurst. Blocks of family-run businesses and chain stores are perfect for shopping sprees, while cafes and bistros beckon residents in for a leisurely lunch. A string of public parks like Milestone Park and the Garibaldi Playground break up the residential blocks. The neighborhood is known for its authentic Italian cuisine, earning it the nickname “Brooklyn’s Little Italy.” Every year, tourists and locals alike gather for the end of the summer Santa Rosalia Festival.

A place where customs meet family-friendly fun, Bensonhurst is a neighborhood on the rise.

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