The Hub

Aptly named, the Hub is the heart of the Bronx’s theatrical, culinary, and retail worlds. This lively neighborhood is situated at the point where East 149th Street, Willis Avenue, Melrose Avenue, and Third Avenue meet. Often referred to as “The Broadway of the Bronx,” residents enjoy its central location and wealth of entertainments.

Diverse architecture dots the Hub’s crowded avenues. Art Deco and Renaissance Revival facades stand shoulder to shoulder with mid-century apartment complexes. Due to its expansive commerce strip, much of the residential real estate has been relocated to the Hub’s many side streets. One of the area’s newest developments, the Hub Retail and Office Center, provides precious business and retail space to new companies in an already dense market.

Like Times Square, the Hub is a place for spectacle and prime people watching. Daily crowds pack the sidewalks. The primary shopping district boasts an array of tiny shops competing with well-known chains. Merchants call out to passersby, while music drifts in from flashy storefronts. The constant buzz of this retail district is a testament to how far the South Bronx has come in the last few decades.

Many of the neighborhood’s historical areas find new life in the Hub’s thriving retail market. The sophisticated Opera House Hotel boasts luxury digs transformed from a venue that once housed famed acts like the Marx Brothers and Harry Houdini. St. Mary’s Park offers respite from the chaos of significant shopping on Third Avenue. Locally owned shops repurpose historical buildings to bring a unique flavor to the neighborhood.

Anyone looking to be a part of the action will enjoy life in the Hub.

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