Situated on the Bronx’s eastern edge, Soundview is a vibrant community with ample green space and a swath of new development. While close to Manhattan, many residents find the conveniences and activities in this commercial hub more than enough of a reason to call it home.

The real estate market consists mainly of high-rise co-ops and mid-rise apartment buildings. Home to one of the largest affordable housing complexes in the area, Soundview boasts a diverse market. In recent years, the neighborhood has seen a surge in new construction of multi-unit row houses and larger apartments buildings.

Residents enjoy a wealth of available commercial offerings in this busy working-class district. Soundview Avenue is the primary commercial thoroughfare, offering residents a variety of local markets and shops at the neighborhood’s eastern and northern commercial hubs. Bruckner Plaza is home to large-scale supermarkets and favorite chain stores. A trend of 24 hours shops and a late-night bar scene makes Soundview a Bronx destination for nightlife.

Soundview Park, the hearth of the neighborhood, makes up most of the Soundview’s northwest section. Locals enjoy long afternoons at the park’s many athletic fields, biking paths, and walking trails. Backed up to the bank of the Bronx River estuary, the park offers scenic views of the wildlife. Revitalization of the park is underway, with plans to expand waterfront access and open up the area to activities like fishing and kayaking soon.

With a wealth of initiatives still in the pipeline, Soundview is one to watch.

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