Morris Heights

A small yet densely populated district in the heart of the West Bronx, Morris Heights offers a walkable neighborhood with stunning views of the Harlem River.

The residential makeup of the area is mainly mid-rise post-war buildings and newly constructed apartment complexes and townhouses. Like many areas in the West Bronx, Morris heights is in a period of renewal involving an array of private and publicly funded projects aimed at improving the region and offering a better quality of life for its residents. These developments have spurred interest in the neighborhood and helped to expand its residential and commercial landscape.

Residents enjoy convenient access to local amenities and nearby favorite Bronx hotspots. The neighborhood’s proximity to the Yankee Stadium brings significant foot traffic to the area during the spring and summer months. A variety of food trucks and eateries line the streets surrounding the sports complex. Burnside and Tremont Avenues offer retail in the form of both local mom-and-pop shops and national chains. Residents enjoy convenient local access to banks, markets, and rail lines into Manhattan.

The area is rife with historical lore. DJ Kool Herc worked the turntables at parties right on Sedgwick Avenue, which is considered to be one of the regions where hip-hop originated in the 1970s. The Old Croton Aqueduct Walk, once the site of New York City’s first water supply system, is now a popular trail for locals looking to drink in the area’s history. The Roberto Clemente State Park is a well-loved park that runs along the Harlem River. A recent renovation of the 25-acre greenspace has revitalized the region, offering amenities like bike paths, sports courts, spacious lawns perfect for summer concerts and movie screenings.

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