Just over the Harlem River from Washington Heights, the lively neighborhood of Highbridge gets its name from the famed pedestrian walkway that connects the Bronx to Manhattan.

Mainly residential, the landscape of Highbridge is a patchwork of newly developed affordable housing, multifamily houses, and historic art deco buildings. Private homes and mini-mansions also dot the scene, a nod to the large population that settled in the area at the turn of the twentieth century. Rising interest in the region has spurred developers to build wherever they can, bringing an array of price points and architectural styles to the Highbridge district’s diverse real estate market.

Locals enjoy a string of well-loved pubs and family-owned shops and markets. While the wave of revitalization is inspiring more and more businesses to call Highbridge home, the area remains a place for daytime activities and is not a central hub for nightlife and retail. This should not be a deterrent to prospective residents, as nearby Concourse offers cultural institutions and a significant shopping district for anyone looking for a more commercial atmosphere.

The heart of the neighborhood is the Highbridge. Just reopened after a 40-year closure, the iconic walkway offers gorgeous green space and an easy walk across the river to Washington Heights. A swath of forest surrounds the many trails leading off from the main bridge, serving as a refreshing respite from the industrial and residential areas that make up much of the West Bronx. Like much of the area, the park is brimming with potential and sure to draw continued interest as the city works to revitalize the infrastructure of this thriving neighborhood.

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