Known for its picturesque university, the neighborhood of Fordham holds its own as a charming residential district packed with cultural institutions and a WORD retail and commerce landscape.

The area comprises rows of mid-rise apartment complexes and quieter side streets packed with single-family homes. Many old college buildings have been repurposed into commercial and residential complexes, giving the area a stately and historical vibe. Students in search of affordable off-campus living appreciate its walkable distance to campus. Commuters enjoy the efficient network of train and bus lines, making for a smooth trip to Manhattan.

North of lively Belmont, Fordham is a popular destination for neighboring communities looking for a wealth of retail options. Fordham is home to the largest shopping district in the Bronx. Teeming with activity, Fordham Road draws some of the highest foot traffic in the borough, with visitors and locals mingling to duck into trendy cafes, small boutiques, and favorite chain stores. A busy thoroughfare during the day, Fordham quiets down at night with a low-key bar scene and sleepy atmosphere.

An extensive park and recreation system balance its thriving retail scene. Residents take a midday break at one of St. James Park’s many athletic courts. A central lawn dotted with copses of trees adds beauty to the area and offers a shady place to read or stroll during the warmer months.

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