City Island

Reminiscent of a quaint English village, City Island is a tight-knit community with plenty to offer its visitors.

Both an island and a neighborhood, housing is in short supply, but well worth the wait. Old Victorian homes and rustic cottages stand alongside waterfront apartments and tidy bungalows. The quirky dwellings in City Island add to its unique charm, prompting visitors to enjoy long walks marveling at the architecture. With the smell of freshwater and seagulls just around the corner, this tiny haven outside of Manhattan captures the attention of both long-term locals and curious tourists.

A popular day trip destination, City Island has lots to do. Small shops and antique stores share the space with museums and pubs. Home to a dedicated artistic community, galleries, and boutiques are a fixture in the area. From greasy spoons to upscale bistros, there’s plenty of restaurants for every palate. Just don’t forget to sample some fresh seafood, a nod to the thriving fishing industry in City Island.

Much of the activity in City Island is centered around the water. Yacht clubs and boat launches stretch along the waterfront. Sandy beaches are the perfect place to enjoy swimming and boating. Rent a boat and spend the day sailing, or learn the ropes and The New York Sailing Center. Try your hand at fishing alongside the locals and experience the magic yourself.

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