An exciting place to live, the busy streets of Belmont have played a critical role in the development of the borough. A central economic and cultural hub, the neighborhood hosts thousands of tourists and foodies every year.

The gem of the neighborhood is bustling Arthur Avenue. Lined with butcher and pastry shops, a stroll down the old-world thoroughfare is a delight for the senses. The smell of fresh fare from famous fish markets and pizzerias permeate the air. Family-owned businesses welcome regulars and tourists alike. Shoppers enjoy specialty gourmet ingredients, while food connoisseurs take pleasure in sampling timeless recipes in one of the many restaurants that have served up Italian fare for decades.

While known first and foremost for its commercial district, the residential landscape in Belmont is growing. Tenement buildings and partially detached houses line the quieter side streets. A large population of Fordham University students flocks to the area each year to take advantage of its modest pricing and ideal location to the campus.

Fondly known to many as the Bronx’s own Little Italy, Belmont is a neighborhood with a rich history and distinct flavor.

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