Bedford Park

A working-class neighborhood with a cozy feel, Bedford Park is its own little corner of the northwest Bronx. Residents enjoy proximity to Bronx’s many cultural institutions and an easy commute in this peaceful community.

Bedford Park is dominated by mid-rise apartment buildings and multi-story Victorian houses. The recent trend of developers buying up older homes and demolishing them to create larger residential complexes has disrupted the traditional landscape, giving Bedford Park a patchwork feel in some areas. Despite this, the neighborhood’s character is alive and well, with many long-time residents choosing to remain in the region’s wealth of historical pre-war buildings.

The area is diverse, with an eclectic community of tight-knit working-class residents. The resilient neighborhood has maintained a small but distinctive retail and commercial scene, with a scattering of local stores and family restaurants dotting the landscape. A spacious region, it’s no surprise that Bedford Park is attracting the attention of residents looking for an easy commute to Manhattan and a relaxed small city feel. While it’s not a nightlife destination, locals can enjoy a round of happy hour drinks in the area’s classic bar scene.

Curiously, there is no actual park called Bedford Park in the area. Residents do have local parklands like Jerome Park and easy access to the nearby New York Botanical Garden. Its well-connected transportation system offers residents the opportunity to make day trips around the borough and Manhattan.

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