9 Easy Curb Appeal Upgrades for Your Home

First impressions count, and in home buying, they’re more important than you might think. Many real estate decisions are made before a potential buyer even walks in the door, so the exterior of your home must be as attractive to visitors as possible.

Your home exterior should be inviting and attract passersby to the property, and although it seems like a lot of extra work, creating curb appeal is easier than you might think.

Here are a few easy, low-cost ways to improve the look of your property and bring more potential buyers to your door.

Clean up

The simplest way to improve your property’s curb appeal is a good, old-fashioned cleaning spree. Dedicate a weekend to cleaning your home’s exterior – mow the lawn, trim shrubs and bushes, sweep the walkways and hose down the walls, fences, and driveway.

Consider renting a power washer to remove stuck-on grime or dirt from the caulking between tiles or around the window or doors-  but avoid power washing the roof, as it has been known to damage the shingles’ coating.

When you’re done with the spray down, get glassy. For maximum window sparkle, you’ll need to clean your windows inside and out. If the idea of using that much glass cleaner gets you down, try mixing detergent with warm water to get the same glassy sheen.

Flower Power

Long Island Property Curb Appeal 2

Create a stunning-looking house full of color by planting flowers along the path to the front door. You need a lot of flowers and plants to make an impact, but if you start early enough you can plant seeds, bulbs or tubers to bring down the cost. If you coordinate the bloom time, you could have a changing color palette from spring through fall.

Add Mulch to Garden Beds

Mulch comes in an array of colors and textures and can create a pop of color or a natural blend. Mulch helps keep weeds under control, which gives a low maintenance impression that many buyers want. Mulch will also keep your plants healthier for longer as it is a natural insulator against the weather.

Shutter it up

A surprising trick to improving your home’s attraction value is to add window shutters. Shutters make the windows appear larger than they are, and can also add a color pop, to make a dull exterior wall a bit more interesting.

For the best curb appeal, choose a shutter color that contrasts with your home’s base color, to maximize the visual effect of your new addition.

Accent areas

Paint is an easy and quick curb appeal booster; however, the idea of repainting your entire home can both be expensive and exhausting. Opt instead for an easier fix. Instead of painting the whole exterior of your home, focus on touching up the trim, doors, and shutters.

A Front Door Makeover

If your front door is drab, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace it. Adding molding or a decorative frame can create a more welcoming front door experience without even touching a can of paint. Large metal or tile house numbers can also create a more attractive look, along with flowers or a wreath on the knocker for a homey feel.

Simplify your Furniture

In the same way, you’ve been simplifying the interior of your home to help potential buyers envision themselves living there; you’ll want to tone down your exterior offerings as well. To enhance curb appeal, the exterior of your home should be neutral and welcoming. Put your garden gnomes and hanging chimes into storage and focus on porch decor that offers pops of color. Stick to neutrals, with one or two brightly colored throws or pillows, for the best effect.

Improve Your Lighting

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Proper lighting can increase your curb appeal, especially at night with landscape lighting. Choose warm-colored lights and highlight beautiful areas of your yard for a welcoming, cozy feel.

Replacing or refurbishing porch lighting can make a big difference as well. If the lights are in good shape but shabby-looking, repaint them. Otherwise, it’s time to replace them.

Focus on the Details

As with any home project, the devil is in the details. Consider a few charming additions, such as a garden bench or flower boxes, to improve your home exterior’s look. Update your mailbox with a can of paint and hide any eyesores that you might have neglected over the years. Put some paneling around your air conditioners and hide your garbage cans behind a fence or lattice, wind up your hose and get the tools into the storage shed.

These changes may seem small but creating a great first impression can do wonders to win the hearts of potential home buyers, so roll up your sleeves and dedicate this weekend to improving your home’s curb appeal.